Become A Salty Words Retailer

If you are looking to expand your product line and make a difference in your local community, here's why we might be a good fit for you...
  •  We get great reviews from customers on our inspirational designs, comfortable clothing and accessories.
  • With a cause that touches many, we're doing what we can to help tackle the mental health and wellness challenges of today
  • While our designs and social media presence focuses on the inspirational aspect of what we do, we are also committed to finding resources that actually help transform lives. (See Resources
  • Beach Heads LLC is committed to donating at least 10% of our profits to organizations that help save lives. From our Salty Words brand we generally donate to two amazing organizations though we offer our retailers an option to choose a local charity in line with our vision.  
  • Not only will your customers look great, you'll feel great knowing every purchase helps save lives!  
Check out all of our designs available to retailers here:  Salty Words Collection Catalog. For our Retailer's price list please call or email us at 904.612.0895 or