About Us


"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he..." Proverbs 23:7.

These words define what our brand, Salty Words, is all about.  . 

We are the founders of Beach Heads LLC and the brand Beach Head State of Mind.  Through BHSOM we connect to the good vibes we all feel when we're at the beach as a way to promote the power of embracing a positive state of mind.  We originally launched BHSOM to support our vision of helping people find ways to break free of negative mindsets and live positive purpose-filled lives.   

Many don't know this, but the word beachhead is actually a military term that means a secure position held in enemy territory to equip soldiers for further advancement.  

As Proverbs 23:7 states...Our thoughts are powerful. It's been proven through science and experience that our thought-life creates much of our reality…much more so than we may realize.  Understanding how we think, why we think the way we do and to what degree negative thoughts are affecting our lifestyle can be critical to overcoming negative and destructive attitudes and behaviors.  In fact, taking those negative thoughts captive can be a battle.  Gaining a beachhead – a secure foundation – is often the first step we must take to advance our life towards freedom.

Our Salty Words brand is an extension of our overall vision. Our goal is to encourage and support people in securing this foundation and living a life filled with purpose and peace! 

While our designs and social media presence focuses on the inspirational aspect of what we do, we are also committed to finding resources that actually help transform lives. We believe we all have the God-given ability to live life well, yet we know through experience, true freedom is found in Jesus Christ alone.  Knowing this, we’ve focused our research on resources that fundamentally share our belief. Thankfully, we’ve discovered a few organizations that offer excellent resources for anyone seeking help to overcome negative thought patterns or behavior and/or maintain a healthy, productive state of mind. (See Resources

Helping people experience freedom found in Christ so they can, in turn, help advance the lives of others is our great passion.

In support of our vision, we donate at least 10% of our profits to non-profit life-saving organizations that share our passion.  See Who We Support.